Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's get it poppin'.... (Awesome, super cheap & easy to make Jalapeno Poppers!)

So it was movie night, and we needed something else besides popcorn (love the classic kettle corn, but we were both craving something to tide us after our healthy salad dinner, & this proved to be quite the yummy choice)
I hit the fridge, and immediately upon seeing the bag of delicious Jalapenos I purchased a couple days before I thought *JALAPENO POPPERS!* I had no idea how to make them, or where to even start, but I always remembered them having cheese - so that's where I started.
Of course there is cream cheese in our fridge, it's quite the staple, so I grabbed that, some pre-shredded cheddar, garlic cloves and hit the cutting board. My next step was to clean the Jalapenos, then cut them vertically in half. I decided to remove only half of the innards because this is where the heat is, packed into the core of the Jalapeno, so depending on how much you want to crank the heat on your poppers, either partially remove the seeded core, entirely remove it, or leave everything for a crazy hot bite! I then slathered cream cheese into the halved portions, minced garlic and layered that, then finished off my poppers with cheese - mmmmm. I preheated my oven to 375, so she was ready to go. We prefer to have them crunch, so they are in the oven only 20 minutes, but if you like them a little more cooked, go ahead and do 40 minutes. Take out, have a napkin ready and a something to drink, then it's ON! Hope this inspires you to have fun with ingredients!

The grand total of this was:

  • 1.00 portion of Jalapenos (hit the small markets & discount places for these)
  • 1.50 portion of storebrand cream cheese
  • Appx. .50 on cheese & garlic I keep stocked up in the fridge!
Super fun, delicious & easy treat you can make for hardly nothing!
See you guys soon! - BCB

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