Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bay Leaves - they are a big DEAL

After skipping this ingredient in many dishes over the last half year, I finally asked myself 'What would happen if I actually used it?" 
I'm a skeptical person when it comes to ingredients, but am also open to being instructed. One day, when I went to the budget store I saw the bag of Bay Leaves, and after one glance they started calling my name. I told them i'd be back, and indeed after picking up a few spices, I returned to them. There they were, those green, flaky odd leaves. When I got home, I started with placing them in hot water - and immediately the aroma was intoxicating; it was earthy, spicy and smelled like I was cooking up an entire meal. Curious now about them, I decided to start with using a couple to boil my lentils for my Veggie Burger Patties (Recipe will be posted eventually - if you can't wait, i'll email it to you!) and they made those tough little legumes taste as if I was intentionally seasoning them to perfection. 
Awesomely enough, even though you actually don't eat the leaves themselves (Good point to bring up: Take them out after you've used them -> suggestion: if you have issues fishing non-edible seasonings/ingredients; bundle them up in a piece of Cheesecloth, place in the dish you're cooking, and remove the bundle once you're done!) they provide Vitamins & Minerals! 

So next time you're making something such as:
- Split Pea, Lentil or any kind of Soup, or a whole variation of Stews
- Pickled or preserved foods
- Marinades & Sauces

Add a few bay leaves as a budget friendly way to add unique character to numerous dishes!

See you guys soon! - BCB

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