Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Post summer beverage bills

Did you spend too much on cool drinks for the summer?

More than likely you did if you're up there with the average consumer in America.

Let's crunch some numbers to make a point here; juice ranges from 3.99 - 4.99 a container. If there's at least 2 of you living together, you know that it lasts easily less than one week.

Say that you purchase 1 container of juice a week for summer alone (3 months)
That's nearly 50 bucks on juice alone - and this isn't including all the BBQs, snacks & eating out you did. Take that number and apply it to the whole year, and you'll see how you can spend hundreds of dollars on something that isn't necessarily healthy for you.

Do some quick research on the high contents of sugars in juices (even if they are natural) - and see..

That steeping your own teas this summer is an incredible way to stay sugar high free, and be budget friendly.

At the market, I can purchase a box of 200 tea bags for 3 bucks - you choose what you like personally.

Here I did: Green Tea w/ Mint & Apple Slices. So delicious!

Then I follow the directions to steep 3 - 4 tea bags, then once they are finished, place them in a jug and top with ice.
I grow mint outside on my porch and just snip branches off - and add things like apple slices, orange slices, grapes - oh you name it. Then, you have a very light & refreshing summer beverage for pennies.

Try it next summer, and of course all year around.

Budget Conscientious Fact of the day: For dinner i'm making lasagna tonight, and I know Ricotta is an expensive product, so I substitute cottage cheese that I use my Cuisinart to mimic the fine texture, and it's just as delicious. 3 lbs cost 2.79 - and you know you won't get Ricotta for that price!

See you guys soon! - BCB


  1. Great Ideas Danielle. I am anxious to try the mint and fresh fruits.

  2. This is a great, simple and healthy idea. Those apple slices look delish in that tea! Thanks for the idea. Blueberry pomegranate tea here I come!